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Campers Inn RV of Merrimack
35 Robert Milligan Parkway, Merrimack, NH   03054
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 42.868142   Longitude: -71.4834002
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  Date of Service:   6/1/2014
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   6 week in advance appointment RV sat untouched for one moth then serviced for two months. 26 problems, 4 fixed 3 problems made worse. Service
department does not answer phone, they lied to us numerous times. We will NEVER do business with them and that's where we bought our RV.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Three months to fix less than 1/2 of our problems, service department DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   Robcurr1@gmail.com
  Date of Service:   8/7/2013
  Company Contact:   Eric
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Automatic entry steps not working.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Spoke with Eric when I first called in. He was very professional and helpful. He handled the whole process from my first call, to when I picked the
unit up and I was very pleased at how polite and friendly he was and how he described the problem and my options and that he would do his best to
get the work done as quickly as possible. Which he did.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Very Good
  Date of Service:   1/6/2013
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Siding repair, repaint damaged wall
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent work done. The siding and wall looked new after we got the RV back. It was also completed in less then the estimated time. Very happy
with the service.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   10/16/2011
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Slide room repair, shower leak
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   The worst work I have ever had done in my 60 Years. The slide room motor and frame broke loose soon after the
repair. They had not properly secured it when it was reinstalled. They couldn't even fix a simple shower leak. I am a tradesman and seen all kinds of work over the years but nothing this bad. Work not done when promised and communication was poor. They just don't care.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   6/8/2010
  Company Contact:   Stephanie, Harvey & Todd (Mgr)
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Norcold 1200 fire recall
Install safety relay to turn off power from the circuit board. Relay was supplied by Norcold
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Overall very happy with work performed

Some mis-communications involved and part of it has to do with me.

Stephanie was excellent to get me in and schedule the work as well as follow up with me whenever she could. Very good listener and has lots of patience. Very nice personality. Wonderful service adviser.

Harvey was excellent in providing me status update in absence of Stephannie. Harvey has good technical know-how and is a nice person to go for advice and suggestion. Always someone to count on.

They found a loose connection in the control board that was causing intermittent on/off with refrigerator in gas mode. Todd did an excellent job of informing me of that problem and advised a replacement in the near future.

My camper was in/out within a few days. It was somewhat dirty inside after the work was performed, I guess I have to clean it up or next time put in a drop cloth for better protection.

Otherwise, highly recommended

I have had window replacement done there before. Similar positive experience.

I also had a iron brace installed under the generator compartment. Again very good experience.
  Value of Service:   Very Good
  Quality of Service:   Very Good
  Date of Service:   8/26/2008
  Company Contact:   Dave
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Replacement of mirrored glass door broken on delivery and further work - leak.
In spite of three phone calls to Campers Inn, they never delivered the broken closet door. They never returned phone calls. They would promise to call and arrange dates for delivery and never did. They made excuses that the factory wouldn't deliver the whole door, but sent components. They would have to have the glass installed. They even admitted the glass company was across the street. They said they were sending it out "right now" and would call me in a couple of days to arrange delivery. They never called. On our last weekend at our campground, I called because we had a leak to went into our basement. I called them and they wanted us to bring the unit in for delivery. When we bought it they assured us a technician would come to the site because we are on a seasonal site and don't haul our camper. I reminded them of that, and I got a flippant remark that "that is all well and good before October 15 (I called October 25 on discovering the leak) but we don't have any mobile technicians." Again I got a promise that we would be called the following Monday since I called on a Saturday to see what they could do. I have no faith that they will do that.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Campers Inn is like a used car sales. They smooze you while selling the product and once you are off the lot, you get no service. We paid very good money and even bought the extended warranty and Campers Inn has been nothing short of egregious. I intend to write a complaint to the NH Attorney General's Office and the NH Better Business Bureau and my congressional delegation, whatever it takes. Incidentally, we have had other campers tell us that they have received the same arrogance and failure to provide service after delivery.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   8/12/2008
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Replaced donut gasket for leaking manifolds.
Replaced step modification.
Test Batteries.
Install K&N air filer.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   I had to return for the 3rd time, 1st time was just to check for the problems, 2nd appointment they forgot to order parts for step modification. Returned for 3rd appointment. Work done on exhaust and steps, K&N air filer. (Do not stock this item, but did not tell me until the end of the day. Asked service writer why they did not tell me that they did not do K&N items, but he just walked away after taking my money. Batteries tested on 1st visit and I was told they were bad, but would last until my appointment, $49.50 for the test. They did not last but 8 days, i did the job myself. I will, from now, on drive the extra miles to another repair service.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   LECFLA@HOTMAIL.COM
  Date of Service:   4/22/2006
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Controls for A/C unit not working properly.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent. Their facility is modern, clean and staffed with friendly, helpful, competent people. They offer free overnight parking for approx. 6 RV's w/ 30amp hookup & on-site dump station.
  Value of Service:   Very Good
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   3/10/2005
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   I had a leak in the roof of my Minnie Winnie.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent. The guys brought my RV inside immediately because it was raining. They have equipment to pressurize the RV and find all the leaks.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent

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