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Quietwoods RV
1710 US-14, Janesville, WI   53545
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 42.7316872   Longitude: -89.0359410
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  Date of Service:   3/30/2019
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Bought new 2016 Wildwood 36bhbs with a 5 year
warranty in May of 2016. first pickup, unit
had not been cleaned and had dirt, sawdust,
and metal shavings everywhere and slide outs
wouldn't come in. The "in depth" walk through
consisted of 5 minutes with a tech who had
been there 2 weeks and knew very little about
campers. Table cracked down the middle. Took
months to get replacement and new one is to
narrow to turn dinette into bed. A/C and heat
wouldn't work due to bad ground. Rear jacks
had switch replaced twice and eventually
replaced jacks. Dvd player wouldn't read
discs. Couch drawer repaired/rebuilt 3 times.
We replaced couch after several issues with
repair quality. Slide out motors replaced
twice, serviced once. Front hitch light didn't
work due to bad switch. No stove vent cover.
Center cabinet door over couch fell off, After
repaired the door hit the light fixture.
asked if he wanted to fix it now or wait until
the door broke the light he said he'd wait for
it to break the light. Light over couch
replaced (see previous), light in bunk room
was falling out. Awning arm snapped when we
went to open it. Propane detector replaced
twice and still goes off randomly. Fridge
bracket not properly secured into stud. fridge
tipped while hauling. Fridge tipped again due
to fridge bracket being caulked to the wall
during previous repair instead of being
mounted to stud. Microwave bracket ripping
across bottom. Tried to fix by caulking piece
of track To the front. Microwave replaced and
now only half heats and Won't shut off after
door is shut unless you pull down on door.
Front jack motor replaced.Toilet seal bad and
tank handles leaked and broke off. Replaced
but grey handle still leaks.Paid to replace
old toilet with porcelain model but the lid
can't open all the way because it hits the
wall.Told them about a soft spot in the front
Passenger side top bunk. Was told it was fine.
year later soft spot was the size of a
Watermelon and could put your finger through.
When leak was repaired they used cracked panel
And left gaps in all the trim and a shoe print
on The ceiling.outlets on passenger side
stopped Working. October 2016 brought camper
into have repaired And winterized. Spring
2017 took out for First trip and upon hooking
up, the water fixtures were shooting water
because it wasn't winterized properly or until
after it froze. Husband had to take off work
to Buy/replace fixtures and service manager
was rude and tried to refuse to repay us for
fixtures. Brackets on sliding glass door panel
broke loose and tilted the panel so there was
a large Gap on one side and frame around the
glass separated. They pounded it back together
and found some loose screws in his truck to
put panel back in after he lost the ones that
he removed. Told them in 2018 the siding on
the Front left side was bubbling a lot when
driving. They looked at it and said it was
fine and there was nothing to fix. Next trip
popped out while driving. We put it back and
caulked it so it wouldn't leak. They told us
we fixed It and they didn't need to do
anything. July 19th, 2020 the siding
completely Peeled back losing insulation,
damaging window frame, frame to the front
cubby, ripping the wiring for the light and
it's raining so we can add water damage. On
average they would have our camper for 4-6
months and still manage to not fix everything
or do extremely sub-par work. We told them the
last time we brought it in this would be the
last chance to do it correctly. We have yet to
have any communications with Steve Neville
directly despite SEVERAL messages and emails
from me and his staff over the course of 2
weeks regarding a resolution.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   HORRIBLE.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   7/10/2016
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   Had Quietwoods do a cabover rebuild
as well as addressing the front
window leak problems.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   When we first got it back we
noticed a small amount of
condensation and quickly sealed over
what had supposedly already been
fixed as we were already on the road
for the first 600 miles of our
vacation. After taking it out of RV
storage discovered major issues with
the cabover and after inspection
found that the front window problems
had not been addressed. The wall
covering was puckered and when I
went to remove the curtains the
bottom bracket crumbled away
exposing new dry rot. The softness
went halfway across the top of the
window and all the way across the

There was a small flap of vinyl that
they had been attached across the
bottom of the window that literally
covered the bottom edge of the
window and on the side we found new
nails and adhesive attached on the
backside of the bad paneling.

I called the service department at
Quietwoods and was told it was my
problem as they didn't know if we
drove under a low hanging tree or
had been negligent in some way. He
was very dismissive and rude with
his replies. Was I getting the
"she's a dumb women response or did
he simply not care or perhaps we
were too trusting in our confidence
that the issues had been addressed
as we were told?

Please be diligent in inspecting any
repairs done by Quietwoods as they
apparently do not stand behind their
work. Perhaps there is still some
Janesville RV ethics that spilled
over into this "new" business.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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