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Camping World
602 Heron Dr, Swedesboro, NJ   08085
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 39.7676790   Longitude: -75.3548630
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  Date of Service:   8/22/2016
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Purchased New Refrigerator, tear-out, disposal and
install of that refrigerator. Brake problem diagnosis,
oil change and filter.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   August 6, 2016 we called Camping World to order a 4-
door refrigerator. Our Norcold refrigerator had first
stopped working on propane, and than it stopped working
completely. At that time, we got a price for tear-
out, installation and adjustment for the new Norcold
refrigerator, $4,200. We scheduled an appointment for
the installation which was scheduled for August 22 at
8:30AM. They explained to us they were very busy, and
we couldn�t get in any sooner. We explained that we
were on the road, had various reservations, and lived
in the motorhome with our pets. Your service
department indicated that would not be a problem, it
could be repaired in 3-4 business days.

August 10th our brakes went out as we pulled into one
of our stops just outside Philadelphia. Because
Camping World is all over we decided to have them check
out the brake problem rather than go to an RV Repair
closer to our location. So we called to add this to
our repair list for the Camping World in New Jersey.
We went for our appointment two days early, hoping if
we let the motorhome there it could possibly be worked
on sooner. While there we also requested our oil and
filter be changed. The service manager at that time
told us they wouldn�t be able to work on it August
22nd, at 8:30 in the morning after all as they were
just too busy. What? We had an appointment for well
over two weeks ahead, they knew we were traveling and
had to make housing accommodations while we waited.
Your response to us was Sorry; we are just too busy..
Why make an appointment then?

August 22nd came and went and nothing was done to the
motorhome. August 23 they installed the refrigerator,
but did nothing about the brakes. August 24 we got a
call at 7pm indicating they needed to order a master
cylinder from Workhorse in Chicago. They said the part
would be ordered Thursday morning, but apparently it
was not ordered until the following day. Two days past
our promised completion. We tried calling and leaving
messages several times but got no return calls, so we
drove to Camping World twice to find out what was going

Upon inspection of our RV we found a big tear in the
driver�s seat where the technician apparently forgot to
move the seat forward before activating the slide.
This totally upset me as I asked the service manager to
make sure the seat was front when they put the slide
out because the seat had been torn by Camping World in
Florida where we live, and we had just had it repaired.
The manager specifically said that is beginner�s
protocol and any service technician knows about that,
and it is the first thing they will do. Really,
beginner�s course??? The only reason I looked was
because there was now a gash in the seat cover that had
just been put on for the summer trip. Nobody would
have told us of the rip in the seat, and just tried
to�cover it up �had we not seen it ourselves. We
immediately brought it to the attention of the manager.

We also found that closing one refrigerator door
resulted in the other one coming open and the right
freezer door didn�t even latch at all. We also told
the manager about this.

But, they still had done nothing on the brakes. As we
talked to the Service department, we were told the
master cylinder would be in 2-3 days, unless we wanted
to pay an extra $300 that Workhorse charges to ship
overnight. We told them if it was in and replaced by
Tuesday we would be able to make our other commitments.
We called August 29, still no master cylinder, and we
were told the unit would not be ready until at least
the 31st. At this point I felt Camping World was
indeed just jerking us around, so I called the
Workhorse warehouse in Chicago where the service
manager told us the part was ordered. Workhorse
service told me they had no order for any parts from
Camping World in New Jersey. I asked how much it would
cost to get the part sent overnight, they told me
overnight shipment would not be more than $100. Again,
what Camping World lied to us.

Monday the 29th we get a call that the brake cylinder
was in, but now they found a pin hole in the brake
line. We paid a diagnostic fee for the brakes, however
this apparently was not done, so how did they decide we
needed a Master Brake Cylinder and not know there was a
pin hole in the line?? Or, did we not need the brake
cylinder at all once the pin hole was repaired? We
called a local RV repair and found out by checking the
brake system it would have been apparent if there was a
pin hole, and that could have been our problem in the
first place.

At this point we have had to cancel two reservations,
pay the cancellation fees, and pay for accommodations
while Camping World lets our unit sit in their parking
lot. Before we picked up the motorhome on the 31st we
asked them for about the 5th time if the refrigerator
doors were adjusted, the manager said he checked it
himself and it was fine.

The seat was repaired, although it definitely was not
what I was expecting. The refrigerator was installed,
metal chips were all over the floor, and the
refrigerator doors still popped open although the
manager said it was fixed. As we were driving away the
warning light and buzzer went on for the brakes. The
left door to the refrigerator came open as we made a
turn in the parking lot. We drove a few miles hoping
the warning buzzer for the brakes would go off but it
did not, so we turned around and went back.

The service manager then told us, �They knew the buzzer
was going off, but he said they can�t fix that you will
have to go someplace else, but be assured the brakes
are fine.� Again, they knew something was wrong but
didn�tell us.

When we got to our next stop we had to dry dock. We
turned on our generator and nothing in the motor home
was working. The generator had been working at Camping
World as they had it on when they were working on our
unit. So, once again somebody in service knew they
had done something that had messed up in our motorhome
and did not tell us.

We called the Bridgeport, New Jersey Camping World. We
again told them about the refrigerator doors. We told
them about the generator not powering anything in the
motorhome, we told them about metal shavings all over
our floors, and the constant buzzing and warning lights
for our breaks. The response was they could not help,
but we could take it to our local Camping World when we
got home.

Because we were to be away from home another 10 days we
needed to have our generator working so we called an RV
Repair in our hometown. We explained to them exactly
what we had told Camping World. Our generator was not
powering the coach, no air conditioning, no receptacles
or appliances were working. We were immediately told
something must have overloaded the generator. He
walked us through the steps we needed to get up and
going again if something was not totally burned out.
With the help of a competent RV repair facility we were
able to get the generator working, although not too full
capacity. He told us it would have to be serviced as
soon as we got home.

For 1300 miles back home we listened to the alarm going
off on the ABS brakes, and the light constantly
flashing, but hoping the brakes were indeed working
correctly as Camping World had indicated.

So far we have had the most stressful trip we have ever
been on. Cancellation fees, accommodation problems,
damage to the RV, shoddy and incomplete installation of
the refrigerator, possibly hundreds of dollars putting
in a master brake cylinder we did not need. And a non-
stop beeping and flashing light for the brake warning

We found we could not depend on Camping World. Dates
for our completed work had been extended from the Sept
22 to August 31. Diagnostics on the brakes were
obviously not done, and they flat out lied about
ordering the part from Workhorse and repairing the
refrigerator doors.

When we got back to Florida we made an appointment at
Camping World in Fort Myers, Florida to have the
refrigerator doors fixed, and see what they could do
about the brake warning system. We dropped it off on
the 20th of September, and picked it up on October 3.
They were unable to fix anything. No charge, nothing
done. The refrigerator doors did the same thing as
before, and the service department again said there was
nothing wrong with it. They also could not fix the
brake warning light and beeping, just told us they
would take it to Workhorse. After all we had been
through with Camping World we got the motorhome and
took it to Workhorse ourselves.

The beeping, and ABS light are now repaired. It was
only a broken wire at the battery, and according to
Workhorse it was probably broken when the Master
Cylinder was installed. Real technical huh?! Also,
Workhorse told us the brake fluid was low, we need to
keep our eyes on it. Our charge to fix the broken wire
Camping World broke cost us an additional $200+. So
far we have thousands of dollars paid out to Camping
World, and hundreds more for fixing what Camping World
has caused and we are not done yet.

We took the RV to an authorized repair center for our
generator. This also has cost us more than $1500.

Camping World has cost us weeks of time, cancellation
fees, unnecessary parts, and even tried to charge us
for a diesel oil change, when we have a gas motor.
Fortunately we noticed that when you presented the
invoice to us. We tried numerous times to have our
refrigerator doors fixed so they latch and do not pop
open when closing the other side door, but it still has
never been fixed. I called Norcold about the
refrigerator doors and was told how to fix that, and
was told it is NOT normal for doors to pop open when
another one is shut. Norcold indicated all Camping
World needed to do was call them and they would have
explained to them how to adjust the doors if they
didn�t know how to do it, but in order to not void our
warranty, a certified technician must do it.

$5325.83 to Camping World and $200 to Workhorse to
repair a broken wire to the battery, done by Camping
World technician(s), and $1200 to Cummins to get our
generator working correctly

It has been quite an expensive and stressful summer.
Hopefully, Camping World will actually hire trained
service technicians, and treat customers as they should
be treated so others are not faced with the
disappointments we have experienced. We most certainly
will not use Camping World again, and will indeed share
our experiences with others.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   5/21/2012
  Company Contact:   Steve
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Propane refrigerator stopped getting cold. Service Tech Gordon quickly found our gas burner clogged from not cleaning regularly. Cleaned and working fine!
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent, quick and precise evaluation and repair. All work done under an hour and very fair pricing of his time and work. Appointment time was also on time into shop!
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]

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